The quality of the workingplace have affects not only on your productivity, but also  on your health. The lighting of the workplace, which is quite often underestimated, plays a big part. Lack of quality light can cause concentration, fatigue, discomfort, eye and headache or other problems. High quality lighting according to hygienic standards needs every salon that wants to provide professional services. Lighting should not create glare and shadows that put a strain on the eyes and may cause poor performance (the study reports up to 30%). It should be emphasized that poor lighting means not only a lack of light, but also too muchof  room lighting. We have some useful tips to help you achieve the right lighting intensity in your salons to suit both you and your clients. First, you need to realize what all the right lighting affects means:

  • Natural daylight
  • Artificial light
  • Interference light
  • Color tone
  • Light regulation

 We start at point number one, which is daylight - a very important factor affecting work performance, efficiency and work safety. Illumination of the workplace by natural daylight should foundation of the illumination. Unfortunately, this point is very poorly fulfilled in winter. That's why artificial lighting is needed to make it better every day. When choosing the right lighting, you should focus primarily on the adjustable features that the lamps offer. Most often it is the temperature setting of the emitted light, which is important if you do not want to adapt your work to daylight only or if you want to combine it with daylight. On the market we find a large number of lamps, which can regulate the range of color shade from cold white light, to daylight to yellow warm. Another adjustable element is the intensity of the emitted light. So you can choose the light level that suits your eyes. Adjustable height and direction of light is a matter of course.

Elimination of disturbing lighting, reflections, shadows is also very important. Daylight can be controlled by shading techniche: blinds, curtains, window foil, etc. The best option for the professional provision of cosmetic services is to choose a room that has windows directed so that you do not dazzle sunlight. Pay attention to the lamp construction itself. If you know it will stand in one place, it is better to choose a more robust base. If you want to move or travel with the lamp, it is better to choose a lightweight design. Another option is to firmly fixed the lamp to the worktop. In our offer you will find a range of lamps that meet all the above conditions.

Thanks to the large range  you can perfectly match the interior of your salon.


From our full range of lamps we recommend the Smartwin lamp, which is also equipped with a display where you can see the current temperature and light settings. Then there are Glamkor and RING lamps that are notequiped. However, you can freely set values on all of lamps. We also recommend a lamp with magnifying glass to help you stick exactly thin eyelashes.