Do you remember the moment you decided to start your own cosmetics business? Do you remember buying the first  furniture and hanging the sign with opening hours? Did your dreams come true?

The salon is already equipped exactly to your satisfaction, the numbers of satisfied customers are growing up  and you have an eternally full diary, so that you can not recruit new clients? We have great news for you - you are at the optimal point of your business. This is where you should stop, take a breath and enjoy the fruits of your work. Remember all the toil that was worth it.

Unfortunately, most people skip this point and recruit more clients because it is easier to neglect our own needs and do business. This condition is very dangerous, especially if it lasts for months or even years. Work is no longer fun, but duty and all enthusiasm and energy are disappearing quickly. Not to mention the impact on health or family life. If you know this feeling, it's time to make a change!

The opposite of work is rest

The first step to change is to learn to relax. In other words, let go of all work matters and think of your interests and family. The LOCK RULE has proved to be very effective. Think of it every time you leave and lock the salon door. Imagine that you lock all problems and worries and work on them again during business hours. Including a work phone! It's good to teach your family members this rule as well.

Take a break

Most cosmetologist work without pause to meet as many clients as possible. Very often, they sacrifice their lunch break for other treatments and catch up late in the evening. Sound familiar? In this case, take your order diary and mark a lunch break with a large yellow marker every day. How long will we leave to you. Each time you enroll, you will see that this time is reserved for you. You are not a machine and need regular energy replenishment. There is nothing worse than when your stomach grows during the procedure.

Your life is more important than writing in a diary

Be aware that life is passing by every day. In just one, so many things can happen and you won't be there, because you'd rather fill up your free space in your diary. Also think about your life as important as building a career. Don't push him to the other track, because you can regret it later. Take personal matters as seriously as you do business. Ideally, use the same diary to remind you.

Change your working hours

If you wake up in the morning without energy, do not even manage to have breakfast in peace and during a quick coffee in the salon you start with the first client is the right time to change. Think about whether you are a rather early bird or are you comfortable working for the evening? Do you have a full diary rather in the morning or afternoon? In this case, even a small change will do great wonders. If you decide to go to work early, leave early at the same time. Most people meet this rule in half. By coming to work early, but at the same time they have been at work for as long. Unobtrusively prolongs their working hours until it becomes a habit and every time the customer calls, you will find a place. You may understand that this is wrong and you will spin in a vicious circle.

Five minutes a day

If you often think that you are not pursuing anything and you are not in control, then stop for a moment and try meditation. Most people underestimate these methods, but by focusing only on your breathing, you will restart your brain and work a little better. If you are interested in it, try to download an application to your mobile that will help you.

Be offline

If you are at home, imagine cutting off all cables from your mobile or laptop. The online world is not going anywhere. Nowadays, everything is very accessible thanks to the Internet. Your customers' inquiries can be resolved next day. Your services do not have to be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.