How to choose eyelashes for volume?

A distinctive look in the first place!

Eyelash extension is one of the most popular cosmetic methods recently. It is used by women of all ages, from young girls to mature women. Each of them wants to be beautiful and attractive, to which a distinctive look circled  by thick lashes definitely contributes.

You have already noticed that there are a big  number of methods of eyelashes extentions. This can be a very inconspicuous thickening or a significant to extravagant elongation. In that case, it is the woman who wears the lashes that matters most.

The primary difference of the method is in the amount of lashes and adhere of natural lashes. There is a wide range of swere, eyelash lengths and widths that help you shape your client's eyes. The most popular method of recent years is volume extension. It means that a few ultra-thin lashesq adhere to the natural kelp, which creates a small fan.

The current market offers two variants of these fans. For less experienced lash stylists are already ready bunches of eyelashes, which only stick to natural eyelashes. The second option is to create your own fan. This method is intended for stylists who are absolutely certain when working with tweezers. If you are deciding which method to choose, read on. 

Every lash stylist will surely remember her beginnings when she learned to sculp classic, ie. 1: 1 method, which is the absolute basis of eyelash extension. It is a technique where one synthetic eyelash is sculp to one natural eyelash. This method uses slightly thicker lashes (0.10 - 0.20 mm). Upon refinement of this technique, beautifully thickened eyelashes are formed without visible glue joints. The overall appearance is very subtle and should underline the natural beauty of the wearer.                                                                         


Ready fan for beginners.


For less experienced stylists, the market offers ready-made fans that are easy to apply. According to the number of lashes fan we then distinguish into 2D, 3D, 4D etc. When choosing such eyelashes, it is necessary to check especially the joints. Fans should not disintegrate when attached to tweezers. Also important is the eyelashes width, which affects the total load of natural algae (0.05 - 0.07 mm).If you have a less conservative clientele or simply want to expand your portfolio of services, it's time to be interested in volume extension techniques. As mentioned above, we can choose from two techniques.



The challenge for smart fingers!

If you have acquired a certain feeling when working with tweezers, creating a fan is a matter of course for you. Most lash stylists prefer to work with ultra-thin lashes (0.03 - 0.07 mm), from which they form individual tufts. The big advantage of this method is that you can very easily decide on the number of algae in the tuft and its overall width. This method is very variable, so you can freely combine different spins, fan widths and individual lengths.

We will discuss the technique of creating tufts in another article.




What is better? Ready bunches or their creation?

Objectively it is very difficult to evaluate this. Some stylists prefer ready-made clumps as they do not have to bother creating them, which saves time. An experienced stylist can create tufts just as quickly and has more room for creativity. The only difference is probably the price, which is slightly higher for finished fans.

Smart Lashes offers eyelashes for both of these methods. This is the category of XD Light algae for finished fans and Easy Fan for individual creation. Both types of eyelashes are characterized by high quality, which ensures easy and comfortable application. In addition, Easy Fan lashes are characterized by technology that ensures easy formation of clumps that do not fall apart and are immediately ready for sticking. Thanks to this, even less experienced lash stylist can work with them. The synthetic fiber is designed to make false eyelashes soft and light as well as natural eyelashes.

If you like the Easy Fan Eyelashes and would like to try it, you can order a test pack.